(Super) Producer

Are you a farmer, a market gardener, a fisherman, a cooperative and do you offer products that are emblematic of your region and good for your taste buds and the planet? 

Do you have know-how and want to develop your business simply by relying on a strong and diversified network?

Together, let's contribute
to better eating.

By joining Superproducer, you benefit from :

Full support to create your Superproducer recipes and develop them if necessary

Enhanced agricultural production by optimising your production and distribution tools 

A large circuit of committed professionals, easily and quickly accessible

A sustainable partnership with a calm development and visibility on volumes

But in concrete terms,
how does it work?

After the contact and a meeting in your area.

The recipe

Together, according to the Superproducer specifications, we develop a Superproducer recipe, with an ingredient emblematic of your region.



Our team takes care of the design and supply of the packaging, doing everything possible to make this stage of production easier for you.



The recipe is prepared and packaged in your workshop by you, directly on the farm, or as close as possible to the field, the breeding site or the fish farm.



We receive the receipts at our storage centre, at our own expense and at the rate we have agreed together.



And then it's done!
Our team takes care of all the communication and marketing to over 1100+ outlets.


Working with Superproducer has allowed us to develop our workshop equipment. Our goal? To offer short circuits and products that are better for our health and the planet.

Franck Lavigne

Poultry Rillettes
- Normandy

The partnership with Superproducer has enabled me to develop a volume of activity that could allow me to hire in the near future.

Julien Braun

Rillettes de la mer
- Brittany

Superproducteur supported us in the design of the recipe as well as in the packaging, packing and storage. This made a real difference for us compared to other distributors!

Raphaëlle Jorgensen

Organic chickpeas - PACA


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