Three principles to invent a new model

To eat well and feed better, we believe that the producer must regain his place at the heart of the food chain, becoming more than a distant link upstream of a system dominated by ultra-processed junk food, poor in nutrients, rich in sugar, fat and additives.

Superproducteur's mission is to promote the work of these superheroes of the food and culinary resistance, who are faithful to the Slow Food principles of good, clean and fair eating. Our approach to food thus integrates the fundamentals of better feeding and eating: organic or in-conversion peasant agriculture, respect for short circuits and biodiversity, principles of fair trade and sustainable development, artisanal recipes made from seasonal products, without inputs or preservatives, all following a drastic ethical and quality charter.

Products without inputs or preservatives

All of this is cooked gently and seasoned carefully to ensure a long shelf life.
better eating
the terroirs

Very (very) short circuits

Ingredients are sourced locally, directly from the farm or within 150km of the production site

An ethical and drastic quality charter

We are doing our utmost to be exemplary in our support for organic products and responsible packaging.
Ensuring the
ecological transition

Supporting farmers in adding value to their products

Let's go beyond the good and the beautiful, by accompanying farmers in the development of their agricultural know-how. We are committed to making better eating accessible to as many people as possible, with authentic finished products distributed to a multi-channel BtoB clientele.

define The recipe

Thanks to a set of specifications that are as careful as they are ambitious, we give pride of place to local know-how with 100% natural recipes concocted with ingredients that travel less than you do.


Check the quality

In addition to being organic and respectful of the seasons, each recipe is prepared in an artisanal way, using raw ingredients cooked with passion.


Multi-channel distribution to BtoB

To guarantee a fair remuneration for producers, Superproducteur gourmet recipes are distributed to a network of committed professionals: shops, bars, cafés, restaurants, hotels, companies, etc.


The price of a recipe

Rather high-end Superproducer recipes?

Their price is designed to be as fair as possible in order to match their value.

The cost of a recipe includes :

60% for producers
raw material, production, remuneration

10% for logistics

30% for Superproducer
team, premises, R&D, business development

Concrete commitments

Our strong commitment to our producers and consumers can be summed up in three points: promoting good food, developing the terroirs and ensuring the ecological transition for farmers.

But what does this mean in practice?

The crack team

Launched in 2014 by 2 passionate gourmets, Superproducer is not only about agricultural jobs! Discover the team growing between Bordeaux and Paris:

Pauline Bignon

Pauline Bignon


Pauline is a lover of good food. A disciple of Lenôtre and Ducasse, she masters culinary creation and knows how to delight gourmets.

Frank Cedolin

Frank Cedolin


Frank is passionate about digital. Trained by web experts, he rethinks IT tools to simplify the life of professionals.

Morgane Prouff

Morgane Prouff

Product Manager

Morgane is attached to her producers and to strong ecological values, as well as to her native Basque country.

Alexander Philippe

Alexander Philippe

Brand Ambassador

Alexander is very attached to culinary know-how. Our sweet tooth likes to discover new gourmet addresses.

Astuti Briard

Astuti Briard


Astuti works with images and words. She loves the useful, the beautiful, but also the Hawaiian shirts.

Ludovic Delsol

Ludovic Delsol

Python back-end developer

Ludovic is passionate about cinema and science fiction, there is more to life than just numbers!